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Bayu College is established since year 2001 and it has it’s unique way of administering the students. It creates an informal, close-knit, homely , friendly and supportive environment that encourages hard work and academic achievement. Bayu College which is located at Pekan Kapar town , city of Klang, State of Selangor, Malaysia surrounded with all the facilities such as banks, restaurants, books & stationery stories, clinics, mosque, temples and so on to mak easy access for students.


Bayu College was established in the Year 2001 and has many successful alumni graduate from Bayu College.


Bayu College gives utmost importance to the quality of education delivered to the students.


Bayu college empowers student and prepares them for futuristic career by enhancing their skillsets.

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Bayu College gives importance to above factors for the students to enroll with us. We never compromise on those factors as it is compulsorily has to provide to students for every courses that we offer to the students. 

Best Industry Leaders

Bayu college lecturers have industry experience and knowledge.

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Our friendly lecturers support all the students and help them to keep up.

Professional Certification

All our programs are acredited by MQA.


Business is one of the most crucial chosen fields among people today. It has introduced during the ancient times, however, the demand for business field had never faded before, presently or even in coming future. One of the most vital factors for a successful business is the administration. Business is an empire that slowly builds and grows with the help of an excellent administration. Business sector had played an important role in the growth of the country’s economy too.

Business studies teach the student how to start a business, the important management aspects required for conducting a business, financial stability, human resource management, interpersonal and entrepreneurship skills, professional ethics, economics, marketing, strategies, mathematics and financial growth and many more.

There are thousands of companies with variety of businesses required administrator to help their business to grow. The employment opportunity for administrator is secured and job availability is always wider without any doubt.